Business Plan Writing Services

Whether you are starting a new venture or planning to expand your business, the first thing on your list should be a legitimate business plan. A sophisticated business plan and pitch deck will draw in interested parties by offering a well-structured outline of where you are, where you aim to be and how you plan to get there.


Plan Details

Business Plan
Number of Pages: Up to 40 pages
Delivery Time: 7 days (Upon receipt of applicable documents)

Pitch Deck
Price dependent on complexity


Our clients typically use our business plans for…

  • E2 Immigration Visa / Investor Visa
  • Government Financed Bank Loan / Commercial Loan
  • Business Angels & Venture Capital Funding / Investor Funding

Each Plan is uniquely tailored to increase the appeal to these specific audiences.

Plan Outline

Executive Summary

The Company
Company Ownership
Company Location
Use of Funds

Marketing & Sales

Company Overview

Keys to Success
Product Descripton

Strategy & Implementation

Competitive Edge

Management Team

Market Analysis

The Market
Market Segmentation
Target Market Segment Strategy
Market Needs
Service Business Analysis
Competition and Buying Patterns

Financial Projections


Our team has the right knowledge and expertise to help get your fund approved and your dreams made a reality. 


Case Study - Business Plan


Client is a bakery chain looking to secure a $250k loan to open a new location.


Created a 40-page 5-yr Business Plan outlining the business strategy, competitive advantage, management record and financial forecast.


Client received fundings from 2 financial institutions totaling $600k.


Let's work together to achieve your business goals!

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