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  • Need help increasing sales or gaining more customers and contacts?
  • Need a marketing and sales plan to forecast sales and achieve target growth?
  • Do you want to save money on overhead and understand the overall health of your company?
  • Do you think certain aspects of your business could use a revamp?

That’s what we do.

Our strategies are backed by statistical projections to prove feasibility and viability. Dealing with numbers and spreadsheets can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

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Building Blocks Consulting helps you find simple solutions to better your business and help you gain control of your company’s financial future.


Case Study - From an Idea to a Business


Client is an agribusiness startup with a concept to revolutionize container farming by making it more sustainable and environmental friendly. Founder had the idea and funding but struggled with execution and bringing the concept to life.


  • Created a 5-yr Business Plan outlining the business strategy and financial forecast.

  • Analyzed market segmentation and target audience needs and revised product to meet product-market fit.

  • Worked with client to devise business model and formulate margins based on market position.


  • Coached client to develop its solar container farming concept from an idea to a product.

  • Within a year of inception, company was ready to close its first sales contract.

  • Product and business model have attracted interested investors and global partnerships.


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