Branding Tips: What is Brand Marketing and Why is it So Effective?

Your brand defines your business. Brand marketing is the combination of messaging and actions across multiple platforms and experiences—all saying the same thing about you. It shapes how potential and current customers see you.

Brand marketing doesn’t stop there. It leverages your branding to generate interest, increase leads, and help close sales. But most importantly, it works. Just ask Apple: with thousands lining up for the latest releases, Apple may very well be the ultimate poster child for brand marketing success.

Why Brand Marketing Works

Building trust through brand familiarity is the key to brand marketing’s usefulness. Customers know exactly what they’re getting when they walk up to the counter. For example, if you enjoy Starbucks coffee, you know that your venti French Roast in Tokyo will taste precisely the way it does in Portland, Ore. THAT’s why brand marketing works.

Simple Ways to Implement Brand Marketing Strategies

Brand Positioning

The way current and potential customers think about your brand—including your position relative to competitors—is known as brand positioning. For example, when a potential customer needs a bookkeeper, you want them to ignore other bookkeeping sites that Google lists and go straight for yours. Why? Because they recall your name and associate it with the quality of service they want.

Third-Party Testimonials

What you tell people about your brand is one thing, but what others say about it is another thing altogether. Third-party testimonials are a powerful marketing strategy to help your brand build authority and reliability. Consider the last time you bought something online. Did you check out the reviews or other testimonials? Did they sway your purchase choice? I thought so.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Personality is a big part of successful brand marketing because it’s one of the most effective ways to set your business apart from the competition. Even if you sell an almost identical product or service to one already on the market, your personality—whether funny, edgy, serious, or serene—makes your business unique.

Defining your brand with your ideal audience in mind is a valuable and effective tool for successful marketing. Developing your brand message allows you to promote it in a consistent manner that further builds authority, trust, and most important, loyalty.

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